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I've taken an interest in a number of things, and have distilled some of those interests in a various books. Have a look – perhaps you'll find something of interest!


Many folks struggle with their budget. In 2007, magicJack was introduced to the United States and Canada, offering significant savings over conventional landlines or even other VOiP systems. The cost to purchase the hardware and a full year of phone service was less than many were paying for a month of conventional phone service – resulting in huge magicJack sales. Unfortunately, their customer service failed to deliver for most purchasers, so I've put together an assortment of eBooks about magicJack. Three different books address whether you should consider buying a magicJack, how to resolve problems after the purchase, and advanced magicJack techniques. There's also a fourth book available which pulls together all the information offered in the three individual books. Click the link above to check them out!

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2 thoughts on “… A Little Light Reading”

  1. Started reading your “magicJack – Tips and Tricks” It looks good and I am sure that I will find the rest of it equally as good.
    I have been having a problem where the callee is hearing a beep, as if I am touching a key, which is not the case. In talking with the Magic-Jack service…. I ended up ordering another unit to replace my 7 year old unit. We’ll see what happens and if you books can help me out with this and future jams I find myself in. Thank you for putting this information to print.. Good Job, LarryN

    1. I’ve had the same problem crop up from time to time Larry. Is your problem only when calling other magicJacks? Let me know how things proceed – but glad to hear you like the ebook you downloaded!


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